Myth #4: 


Join me this month to dive in deep and explore all the points of view you may have bought as real and true around image based on the media. 

When you expose your hidden points of views, which may not even be yours, you can clear them; allowing for a new platform from which to create your body, and a new found ease and joy with your body as you commune and play together on this journey of life and living!

Watch the zoom that inspired this Deep Dive...


Now, let's bust this myth apart!

Join me for a deeper dive into this topic,


- Clearings
- Tools
- Home play

All focusing on clearing this myth and what it is creating in your life, forever!

And, you get to ask Sarah Watt your questions live on zoom!!

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Busting The Myths of Body Image ...

This is a 6 month long series.  You can join the zoom for this month's topic only, or sign up for all 6 zooms

Deep Dive for October


Join Sarah for this one-off zoom to bust the myth "TBC," to begin to stop all the ways it is currently limiting you and your body

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All 6 Deep Dives

What could you create if you cleared 6 Body Image Myths?

Join Sarah for all 6 different body myths over 6 months and give your body a totally new platform of possibilities to create itself from.
June - November 2021

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Let's bust ALL 6 myths!