If you are not asking for it,
how are you going to receive it?

What if everything you looked at for
your day, your week, your year,

came from a place of joy and play? 

What if that was your operative state of being? 

Would you be willing to let go of everywhere you weren't being 
the joy and the fun and the pleasure?

If you could ask for anything,
what would it be?

Ask and receive works! If you are willing to be congruent with your ask and allow it to show up and ask from that place of truly desiring to receive it, what you ask for will show up.

An ask is something that can continually change. The more you are willing to have joy and fun and pleasure as the energy you function from every day, and the more you choose from that space, you get to have more of you!

However, be prepared for your ask not to show up the way you think it will.


"My ask for 2021 is to BE more of me and to show up as more of me every day!"

~ Sarah Watt

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